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Three Lions Qualify!


England have booked their plane tickets to Brazil next summer. Some say a world cup is not a world cup if England are not in it. I happen to agree. Do we have the squad to go all the way, we shall see… positives are a balance of experience and youth.

The strong contenders for the summer will no doubt be host nation Brazil, Germany, Spain and Argentina.

Anyone already booked their ticket yet?

Landon Donovan Back In The Premiership…

With the MLS season currently on break it gives some of the players the opportunity to play all over the world with a lot of them coming mainly to Europe and the Premiership.

We all are aware of David Beckham going to AC Milan  – Yes the move was controversial, however, is was solely to keep his match fitness up with a chance to still represent his country. That is dedication and commitment, a perfect example of a true professional.

One player I really wanted to focus on in this piece is Landon Donovan. The LA Galaxy attacking midfielder and team-mate of Becks is the face of US Soccer. Landon carries it all on his shoulder.  A true ambassador to the beautiful game in America. Landon sets such a good example on and off the field to youngsters across the country. I know this because I see it when I coach. Every kid in America wants to be Landon. They have his jersey, they see his ability. Children want a piece of that.

We see him on the covers of FIFA. We see him in latest Nike and Gatorade commercials – Wherever Soccer is in the US, you will see his face, or hear his name. I’ll admit, I wasnt the biggest of fans at the start, especially all over the Beckham situation. Becks coming to the US, the book he wrote – The Beckham Experiment. The bust up they had…but that is all water under a bridge  I now respect him in every way for an athlete that he is. What he brings to the game. Its remarkable…

Moving along…. Last year, Landon went to Everton on a loan spell and really hit it off. The fans loved him. Landon’s input to the game and the team was world-class. It’s very hard to adjust your game from playing in the MLS to the premiership. The level of football just doesn’t compare. It was his time to shine at the top-level. Landon owns the MLS, now can he do justice in the english league. Landon Donovan did just that.

We are a year on…the MLS season is now back on a break and every Evertonian is thinking…is Landon coming back to Merseyside? – We entered the new year and he is back in a blue shirt. Donovans first game was last night, home against Bolton. The reception he received of the blue half of Liverpool was enough to give you goosebumps. I was really made up for him. That is so nice to see. The respect for a true American athlete. Wasnt the best of starts for him as it was blowing a gale. The wind had to be 80 mph and the rain was coming down. Welcome to back to England i thought. You could definitely see it on his face, the cold was getting to him. – Far Far away from the Hollywood Hills. Tim Howard also scoring from his box with a little help from the wind. – see link below…

I think its awesome to see these players come across from the MLS. Henry is now back at his home of Arsenal for the off-season. Robbie Keane is back training with his old club, Spurs. They all come over to keep their game up. To keep their fitness 100%. What better place to come for 2 months and play at such a high level of football, like the Premier league.-  I want to see more and more of this over the years.

Landon Donovan has achieved everything he can with the Galaxy in the MLS. The next chapter of his life needs to being -Bill Kenwright needs to put his hand in his pocket, and buy Landon… That is, if they can afford him.

Landon needs to be in the premiership…. That’s where he belongs. – Good luck with your spell on Merseyside, I will be supporting you every step of the way.

Love to hear all your thoughts about the MLS, Landon and any other areas of US Soccer integrating with the rest of the world.


January Transfer Window…

The New Year is creeping up fast and just days away. Which means the January transfer window will be open. Exciting times. The window opens at the beginning of the month for a duration of 1 month.

Christmas is not only exciting times at home with the family, but also in the footballing world. Every year over christmas we hear players being linked with different clubs.. some true rumors, others just paper talk. It gets fans excited and also nervous at the same time.

January is a chance for clubs to do their late christmas shopping, or even put players on their new years shopping list. I cannot believe it has been a full year since the big move of Torres to Chelsea from liverpool. Who is going to be the big move this new year, if there even is one.

We keep on hearing about the Carlos Tevez saga. Those of you that have read previous blogs of mine, know my opinion. I wish it would all end and we can be done with it. Just this morning I have read that the deal to AC is liniment. Not going to believe it til i see it. He is probably still soaking up the sun somewhere, doing complete ……ALL.

Gary Cahill’s switch the Fulham rd has been pretty much complete, just personal terms left. Wonder how Chelsea will look. What is AVB going to go with… Terry, Luiz, Cahill and Cole?….Transfer can get interesting! – Sticking with Chelsea, Alex has handed in his transfer request leaving the room for Cahill. Anelka will be joining the Chinese League. Speculation over Drogba, will he stay? will he join Anelka? – perhaps a move to the MLS?… – Also Kaka is rumoured to be joining the blues. Of course the blues have the money, there is rumor that why want to break the transfer record for a fee for The Hulk at 84 million.

From the Reds. I know there has been talk about Higuain and Ozil coming from Real. Dont think that’s going to happen. I know we have our eye on some 18-year-old Brazilian…doesnt every club in Europe?

Still waiting on Becks to make his decision. – Havent heard anything since the link to PSG. I have read the move is for 12.5 million pounds.. His Galaxy teammate has joined Everton on a 2 month loan deal. Nice to see Landon back in the premier league. Henry has done the same thing and joined his beloved Arsenal for 2 months also. Emotional return for him – nice to see him back in a Gunner shirt. I am sure the rest of the gooners are over the moon.

Barca still keen on Bale…really dont think for any price Harry will let him go. The other big eye is Neymar – where will he go? Lots of speculation around the young brazilian. Barcelona, Chelsea, Real, United have all been linked with him. All waiting to see where he goes, and the reason behind it.

Lots of excitement movement in the window…

Love to hear some of your thoughts…


David Beckham I Salute You….

David Beckham is untouchable.

Last night he achieved another one of his ambitions, to win another major title.

Becks came to America not only to help the growth of the sport, but to also achieve what he set out to do. To help the LA Galaxy win the MLS CUP.  – Completed.

I feel it has been a long hard campaign for David. It has not been easy for him by any means. There was a lot of talk about him coming to the US just based on money and endorsement purposes. Selling his franchise if you like. David doesn’t need to do this. He is already a global brand. Its Beckham.

His move back to Italy in the off-season really didn’t settle with the fans at all. They saw it as a sign of disrespect. A lot of people were talking, perhaps the MLS just isn’t good enough for him. That perhaps he was starting to regret his decision to move his entire family and franchise to America. Guys, I tell you that wasnt the case. Becks spoke the truth. Joining AC Milan on the off-season was only to help the Galaxy and himself. On a basis of fitness maintenance, getting in the playing time…. Becks maybe surrounded by all the glamour of Hollywood, but he didn’t want to sit on his back side, be seen at parties, functions any chance for a photo opportunity. No, he only cares about football. That is his life, that is all he wants to do. David thought by moving to italy would help him with the national set up and also the olympic bid. That it did.

Beckhams return to LA was hostile. The reception he received from the fans wasnt pleasant, but being the true athlete and person that he is, he was fully aware of it, and realized he had to be prepared for it. There was a lot of taunting and booing during his first few games back. The fans didn’t want him…shirts were burnt, a very disrespectful approach toward him. course, this got to Becks, wouldn’t it anyone? – but all of this nonsense would only make him stronger.As, the seasons went on, I think he gained an awful lot of respect. Not only in his games and dedication but off the pitch aswell.

The MLS playoffs were upon us and the Galaxy were looking good – After hard work, patience and unity they were in the MLS Cup final against Houston Dynamo.

The main question on everyone’s mind leading up to this game was if David was going to stay in LA or would this be his last game in a Galaxy jersey?
The first half was very dull, Becks didn’t seem to be involved much – i was thinking, this is odd. It looked as tho he was moving away from play rather than being integrated. Becks is known for his play making. The play maker didn’t look like he wanted to be there. Perhaps the emotion of the occasion got to him?….His thoughts about, this is my last game? were all these things circulating around his head?  – later I learnt, he had tweaked his hamstring earlier in the week, but still insisted on playing… that is Dedication. – hats of to you Becks.

After the break the Galaxy came out fighting. It was their game to win – For the fans, for themselves. David still looked out the game, tiredness was showing in his movement and facial expressions…Then out of no where the famous trio stepped up. Beckham, Keane and Donovan helped create the play and the Galaxy were one up. This really killed the game, if there was any sort of game really being played. Not a very high level of football being played I must admit.

The Galaxy had done it – They had won the MLS Cup, David had achieved all that he was set out to do. Won 3 titles, with 3 different clubs, in 3 different countries across the globe. England, Spain and America
As a lover of the game, a fan of David Beckhams since his early playing days – I was proud to have witness their triumph. You really could see the satisfaction on his face, the emotion was clearly obvious. Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz all joined him on the pitch in the trophy celebrations. It seemed very loving – not only was he an amazing athlete and ambassador for the game. But, an amazing father aswell. He is wonderful – the perfect example of a role model. Someone for children to look up too..

What is next for the Beckhams?…….that we will just have to wait and see – my thoughts? I think that was his last game for the Galaxy, let him ride out into the sunset. – On to the next chapter….

What do you all think?

David Beckham, I salute you.



Top 5 Football Commercials…

These have to be the top 5 greatest football commercials of all time….Yes perhaps some of them are indeed ADIDAS and i maybe a little bias, but they are still top draw. I was thinking about doing this blog over the weekend and I thought, eh…why not, i just wanted to see what you guys thought, and if you liked any others….Pepsi have been known to do good commercials as you can see…Make sure your volumes are turned up!!!!!!!

The first one you see is a Adidas commercial for the 2006 world cup in germany. – it was voted the greatest football commercial of all time. You asking yourself right now, why? – Put it this way, we have all been there, as a kid, selecting your team at school or in the park. Kick around stuff. This is exactly the same. Two spanish kids, growing up in poverty select their own team to face each other. Only, the list of players to choose from doesn’t consist of Jo Blogs but only…. the likes of the top draw. Including, Beckham, Zidane, Gerrard, Robben, Lampard, Khan, Kaka and  many more – it ends with a screaming mother, A CASA!  – or get in the house! I love it….

let me know what you think of the others?…..

Yes, this next one maybe Nike, but it is one of my favourites, Its old school, with Davids, Totti, Rui Costa, even Scholes and Andy Cole get a look in lol!

The next one, is a Pepsi comerical, Players v Zumo (again this is old school!!!!)

Another great one i like is Henry at home, its  Nike commerical.

Finally, just because he is awesome, and what a role model he is – ambassador to the sport, I threw in this one with Becks on the beach. It’s a Pepsi Ad only shot last year. Great way to finish this piece. Hope you enjoyed these commercials as much as I did.

Let me know what you think….





video source: Youtube



Soccer in the US

Hey Everyone!

I have been playing soccer my whole life, Im 26 years of age and to this day – nothing beats the beautiful game. I know have immagrated to the US and have been living here for the past 4 years. Have I seen an increase in support for the game over here? – yes. America is driven by sports. Basketball, Football and Baseball are the three power houses. So you guys love the eye to ball coordination and soccer is just another part of the jigsaw.

I hear this time and time again, Soccer is boring. That soccer isnt a high scoring game like Football and Basketball so there isnt any excitement. Guys, your mistaken. There are 22 players on the pitch, have you seen how big the pitch is? – alot longer and wider than a Football field. There is so much strategy in soccer, so many tatics.

I was talking to a guy the other day – he was saying the same thing, soccer was boring blah blah blah. I guess you could say confrontation was building. Much to his respect he was standing his ground, saying football is a man sport. Fair play it is. When a guy comes across the middle and gets wipeout by the likes of Clay Matthews or Brian Urlacher that takes its toll on your body, ofcourse – but what about Rugby? thats hard hitting. What is funny is, rugby players dont even wear pads. Wide recievers that catch a ball on a 50 yrd dash go straight to the side line and grab there oxygen mask – I dont understand? – In soccer, players run around constant for 45 mins a half , 90 in total – and I have never seen a player grab an oxygen mask, come to think of it, i dont even think they even have oxygen on the sideline. I am not trying to be controversial here, or  being disrespectful because I have the upmost respect for American atheletes and everything they do – im just trying to open eyes a little bit, broaden horizons….

photo credit: unknown

Anyways….. David Beckham, yes the guy that girls drool over, there number 1 guy. He is the guy that every guy secretly  wants to be. He is a true gentlemen, an icon, an idol. He is such a wonderful role model to children all over the world not just in soccer – just generally. David is a true Ambassador to the sport. He made the biggest careear decison in moving from Madrid,Spain to the United states. Why did Becks do this?…..everyones first answer is for the money $$$. Ok,…he may have got alot, but come on guys this is becks – he doesnt need the money. What David Beckham moved to the US for was to make Soccer a power house. Becks reaches out to all those americans homes. To all those children that want to be active and that want to play a sport. – By using his world class talent and his fame, he was determine to fufill his ambitions…..Has he done it?….I think he has. In the aftermath of all this, America has since cheered on there country in the World cup finals in South Africa. And the ladies national team? – amazing, The whole nation was gripped to the Womens World cup. Who knows how they would have succeded if they didnt have such tremendous support. I feel as tho it also helps for US players to be playing over in europe where the sport is at its prime. There are a number of US nationals that are playing in England with big clubs so this is also a stepping stone to the success of soccer in the US

Picture credit unknown

Soccer is the Number 1 sport in the world-  who knows it could be Number 1 in the USA

Soccer is known as the beautiful game………